Ilm EssentialsEssentials Program (Self-Study)

The Essentials Program is a self-study program geared toward those who would like to gain the knowledge necessary to live their lives in accordance with the Shariah and Sunnah. The program focuses on core fundamentals that every Muslim should be aware of. Note that there is no longer an option to submit questions from the materials. Please refer any questions to your local scholars.

Course Overview

The Essentials Program focuses on establishing a foundation in the three core areas of the din: islam, iman and ihsan. Starting with a brief reminder about the importance of sacred knowledge, students study basic Aqidah (Islamic beliefs) and then begin a detailed, practical study of Hanafi Fiqh, starting with Taharah (purification) and Salah (prayer), and then moving into Sawn (Fasting) and Zakah. The program also covers a discussion on Following Qualified Scholarship and a module on Purification of the Heart.

Learning Format

All materials are presented using pre-recorded audio and PDF slides by Khalid Sattar.

Download Course Materials

Click on each module below to download the respective course materials.

You can also view a detailed lesson overview to see what is covered in each module.