Ilm EssentialsLesson Overview

Aqidah01 Beginnings of Aqidah and Deviant Groups
02 Fundamentals of Divine Oneness and True Faith
03 Allah and His Attributes and the Mutashabihat
04 Allah's Different Attributes
05 The Prophets and the Sahabah
06 The Effects of Our Deeds and Extraordinary Matters
07 Intercession and Isra and Miraj
Taharah01 Introduction to Fiqh
02 Purity and Water
03 Fiqh Terms and Fard of Wudu
04 Fard, Sunnah and Mustahabb of Wudu
05 Makruh Acts, Complete Wudu and Categories of Wudu
06 Touching the Quran, Sajdah of Recitation and the Nullifiers of Wudu
07 Ghusl
08 Tayammum, Wiping Over Wounds and Puberty
09 Wiping Over Leather Socks, Purification from Impurities and Istinja
Islamic Scholarship01 Development and Sources of Islamic Law
02 Understanding Differences
03 Place of Hadith and Scholarship in Fiqh
04 Understanding Taqlid
Salah01 Introduction and Prayer Times
02 Adhan and Iqamah
03 Pre-Conditions of the Prayer
04 Integrals of the Prayer
05 Wajib of the Prayer
06 Sunnah and Mustahabb of the Prayer
07 Makruh of the Prayer
08 Description of the Prayer
09 Invalidators of the Prayer
10 Witr and Sajdah Sahw
11 Sajdah Sahw and Congregational Prayer
12 Congregational Prayer
13 Congregational Prayer and Jumuah
14 Eid Prayers and Sadaqah al-Fitr
15 Takbir at-Tashriq, Qurbani, Prayer When Sick and Missed Prayers
16 Prayer While Traveling
17 Nawafil
18 Death and Preparing the Body
19 Janazah Prayer and Burial
Sawm01 Types of Fasting, Intention and Sighting the Moon
02 Nullifiers of the Fast
03 Non-Nullifiers, Recommended Acts and Those Excused from Fasting
Zakah01 Understanding Zakah and Zakatable Assets
02 How to Calculate and Who Can Receive Zakah
03 Ineligible Recipients and Remaining Issues
Purification of the Heart01 Understanding the Heart
02 Diseases of the Heart and Envy
03 Ostentation and Heedlessness
04 Anger and Arrogance
05 Love of This World and Displeasure with the Divine Decree
06 Humility and Gratitude
07 Patience and Reliance
08 Protecting the Heart
09 Understanding Bidah
10 Understanding Tasawwuf
11 Means of Purification