Aqidah, Taharah, Salah, Sawm, Zakah and more!

Online distance learning program designed for brothers and sisters who wish to start learning traditional Islamic Sciences.


Course Modules

Aqidah (Tenets of Faith)

7 lessons

Learn about the core beliefs we are all required to have.

Taharah (Purification)

9 lessons

Covers the basics of purity, including wudu, ghusl, tayammum, wiping over socks and more.

Sawm (Fasting)

3 lessons

The basics of fasting, what breaks the fast, moonsighting and more.

Salah (Prayer)

19 lessons

The basics regarding how to pray, what breaks the prayer and fixing mistakes, the various types of prayer, and a mini-course on death, preparing the deceased, burial and the janazah prayer.

Zakah (Alms Giving)

3 lessons

Who has to pay zakah? What is zakah due on? How do I calculate it, and what if I made a mistake in the past?

Islamic Scholarship

4 lessons

A discussion on the importance of following qualified scholarship. Who are qualified scholars? What is madhhab and do I have to follow one? Why are there different opinions?

Purification of the Heart

11 lessons

A discussion of some of the diseases of the heart, their causes, symptoms and cures.


Why Ilm Essentials


Flexible Learning

Classes use pre-recorded sessions to allow students to study at their own pace. Chat groups allow students to ask any questions they might have.


Traditional Methodology

Course material has been taken form traditional Islamic texts.


Practical Application

Classes emphasize practical application of knowledge and using it as a means of moving closer to Allah Most High.


Build a Foundation

Focus on establishing a firm foundation in the core Islamic Sciences.



$5 registration fee covers the entire course.


What Our Students Say

Ilm Essentials has brought a positive change in many aspects of my deen. (Some) very basic issues on taharah and salah which I sometimes overlooked before taking this course are now more clear in my mind. This has helped me become more conscious of minute details of any given aspect of religion. Thank You, Ilm Essentials.

Muneeb, Kuwait

During the course of one year, I have learned a lot. There were so many sunnahs, mustahabb acts, etc. that were missing in my fard actions that I would not have known about without this class. Jazak Allah Khair and may Allah accept all of our efforts.

Mohammed, Minnesota

The program offers a lot more than what one would learn from a basic first year course, and is something that ALL of us should have the knowledge of.

Basit, New Jersey

Alhamdulillah, Ilm Essentials is a wonderful opportunity for today’s generation. I would definitely recommend this course. It is a golden opportunity one must avail and not let pass by!

Tasmiah, Illinois

Ilm Essentials has provided an easy and efficient means to getting knowledge to further my deen. As a college student, it becomes difficult to manage various school studies and activities, but Ilm Essentials made it so that my religious studies never suffered due to an overly hectic schedule. I gained the knowledge I needed to become not only a more knowledgable Muslim, but a Muslim that implemented that knowledge in the practical world and at the same time, got a lot of questions answered. I truly believe in this program and can’t express enough gratitude for all that it’s done for me.

Abir, Illinois

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