Ilm EssentialsStudent Reviews

During the course of one year, I have learned a lot in both the Arabic and non-Arabic portions of the program.  There were so many sunnahs, mustahabb acts, etc. that were missing in my fard actions that I would not have known about without this class.  The “Path to Sunnah” module educated me in many sunnahs of the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) that were previously unknown to me.  May Allah make me among those who listen and implement these sunnahs in their lives.  The teaching style, materials and class exercises made learning Sarf (Arabic), which can be difficult, very simple.  I am a student of hifz as well and learning sarf considerably improved my understanding of the Quran and made it easy to memorize.  The dedication and punctuality of the teachers was key in achieving what we have today.  Jazak Allah Khair and may Allah accept all of our efforts. (Mohammed, Minnesota)
Masha’Allah, this program came to fill a place we were all looking for. I feel highly fortunate to be able to benefit from such sincere teachers. From the traditional texts and skills learned from Shaykh’s time abroad, we are able to benefit and understand as it is laid out in a simple manner. Each lecture breaks down the key points and provides an excellent learning experience. Accompanied with explanatory audio sessions, and the opportunity to ask questions live online after each session, as well as offline, we are always given more than enough time to clarify any concepts. The course is tailored to meet the needs and address the issues that we face today in the West. The practicalities in sunnah and wudu and any aspect are presented in a manner that applies to our context today. Even after a single lesson there is so much one can implement and reflect upon. I also really appreciate the focus on the Sunnah and a special section devoted solely to learning about sunnan we can practise at every moment in our lives. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn the essentials of our blessed deen and would like to practise it and reap reward straight away insha’Allah. JazakumAllahu khayr for providing such an opportunity. May Allah swt allow us to take full advantage of the extensive efforts of our teachers. – (Student, United Kingdom)
Alhamdulillah, Ilm Essentials is a wonderful opportunity for today’s generation. Because classes are held on weekends, one is able to devote adequate time, while still attending school/working during the weekdays. And if a class is missed, it can be made-up through the slides and recordings. I would definitely recommend this course. It is a golden opportunity one must avail and not let pass by! – (Tasmiah, Illinois)
Masha’Allah this course was very well structured and organized.  I learn better when I can see and hear the material and being able to access the presentation and recorded audio of these classes allowed me to prepare beforehand and focus class time on taking notes from the discussion and asking questions. Insha’Allah I plan to continue taking classes from Ilm Essentials. May Allah reward you for your efforts. – (Faisal, Washington)
For years, I have searched for a way to access basic Islamic knowledge in an organized, well-presented manner. After having taken many courses through weekend intensives and online institutes for five years, I was still disappointed with the course offerings. Ilm Essentials has turned around my disappointment for several reasons:

1 – The material is presented in a multi-year curriculum format, which aids in progress in knowledge. 2 – The material combines both audio and visual learning. 3 – The visual learning (i.e. course content presented in PowerPoint slides) is laid out in an easy to follow outline format. 4 – The material can be accessed at my convenience – I can attend either the live session or listen to the recording. 5 – I can engage in Q&A with the instructor. 6 – The course material does not delve into the fringe topics of Islamic studies – it focuses on what I need for my daily life. – (Student, Massachusetts)

Ilm Essentials has brought a positive change in many aspects of my deen. (Some) very basic issues on taharah and salah which I sometimes overlooked before taking this course are now more clear in my mind. This has helped me become more concsious of minute details of any given aspect of religion. Also, the sessions on bringing sunnah in our lives have made a direct impact on the way I deal with myself and with others. Sunnah of sleeping, sunnah of hosting guests and the like are great practical learning tools to bring the sunnah into my life. Thank You, Ilm Essentials. – (Muneeb, Kuwait)

This class is exactly what I wanted.  After studying Arabic in other programs, this is the first time I feel I understand sarf (verb morphology) well enough to be ready to move on to nahw (grammar).  I was very comfortable with Shaykh Khalid’s teaching style.  He was very organized.   His sincerity and his duas helped us to progress each week.

He helped us to move at a fast pace with enough time to understand concepts and memorize tables.   I am very happy I took this class and I recommend this program!

As for the Sunnah sessions, Aqidah, Fiqh and every other class that he taught this past year was very beneficial and very clearly presented.  His love for the Rasul Allah (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) showed as he taught us the Sunnah classes.

One of the most unique qualities of Ilm Essentials was the layout of the class.  It was very professional (just like college classes), using high quality online conferencing.  He presented objectives in the beginning, was available for help, started on time and was quick to respond to our emails if we had any questions.

I would recommend this class to mothers, fathers, college students, high school students and any other seeker who aims to gain a basic and thorough understanding of the deen.

Last but not least, the sohba of Shaykh Khalid and what he brings from his teachers makes this class unique and very beneficial. – (Student, Illinois)

The best aspect of this course, in my opinion, is the sincerity and quality of teachers. They are very dedicated, learned, sincere and punctual. We didn’t miss a single class during the whole year. Even the most difficult concepts were articulated in the simplest manner.  They  were always available to help even after class hours. Time and again I emailed questions and got answers immediately. It’s hard to find such level of dedication.

Also the course equipped me with essential knowledge of the deen. We learned fiqh of taharah and salah during the first year, and it helped improve the quality of my salah.  The course is also helping me understand the Quran as after completing sarf during our first year of class, I have begun to recognize word patterns in different surahs of the Quran. – (Omer, Arizona)

Ilm Essentials has provided an easy and efficient means to getting knowledge to further my deen. As a college student, it becomes difficult to manage various school studies and activities, but Ilm Essentials made it so that my religious studies never suffered due to an overly hectic schedule. I gained the knowledge I needed to become not only a more knowledgable Muslim, but a Muslim that implemented that knowledge in the practical world and at the same time, got a lot of questions answered. I truly believe in this program and can’t express enough gratitude for all that it’s done for me. – (Abir, Illinois)

I had taken Arabic for more than a year at a couple of other institutions before enrolling here. I wasn’t expecting to learn that much in the first year of a program that only meets once a week, but was totally wrong. A lot of material is covered in the first year but the pace of the class is such that everything is explained in detail and Shaykh Khalid makes the effort that everyone’s on board. The class materials (slides and texts for the Arabic component) are extremely clear. Even the non-Arabic component of the program offers a lot more than what one would learn from a basic first year course, and is something that ALL of us should have the knowledge of. Finally, since the program is starting out, the advantage of enrolling now is that you can get a lot of attention and interaction with the Shaykh, something that may not be possible once the program becomes more established. – (Basit, New Jersey)